Raas OSS is a major service provider in the Energy Industry, which has progressed rapidly with more than 40 years of combined experience of its founders. We are engaged in the sales and distribution of complete range of oil field equipment, spare parts, accessories for the oil and gas related projects. The company has association with renowned manufactures and major suppliers across the globe- we import, arrange freight, custom clear and deliver to your warehouse. We provide professional and quality services to oil and gas industry in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE.


Butterfly Valve
Ball Valve
Needle valves
Float Valves
Air O Union/ Tubes
Centrifugal Pump
Chart Recorders/ pen
Cross Overs/ Adaptor Flanges
Drilling Lab Equipment
Diaphragm Pumps
Hammer Union

Nitrogen Tanks
Nitrogen Unit
Multipurpose Pump Unit
Multipurpose Twin Pump Unit
HP Pump
HP Hydrotest Triplex Pump
Centrifugal Volume Pump
Frac Tank
Acid Transport Tank
Cement Banana Bulkers
Cement Storage Silos
Flat # 15, Building # 5162
Road # 675, Block #606
Al Kharijiyah, Sitra Highway
Tel: 973-1773-0946
Email : sales@raasservices.com
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Belligerent efforts from a techno savy team in bringing quality and unique service focusing the future demands in the industry.